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Sailing with OpenCPN and where to find charts for Pacific Mexico

First attempt at a blog post, be kind! We've had a few questions on YouTube about what we use onboard, so hoping to answer those in a more detailed post. When we came to splash Bohemia after a few months on the hard, one thing we noticed - right after checking the bilges for leaks and remembering how to back against the prop wash - was that the chartplotter on the helm station wasn't working. It didn't affect the short passage back to the marina, and weeks later it's not even on my priority list to fix (don't tell the First Mate!). When we were in the US and new to sailing, we relied heavily on our 20-year old Raymarine RL70RC Plus (complete with COLOUR display!), trusting its old cMap charts almost without question. Something that is unlikely to land you in much trouble in US waters. But I'll never forget the first time we arrived in Mexico. We were tired after a nasty overnight passage and had decided to make a pitstop in the remote Benitos Islands to catch up

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